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Apr 29, 2014

Dubby Blanco is an up & coming , hard working hip hop artist from Queens, New York. He was born Matthew Pareja on January 3rd 1988 . Blanco was borned to his mother Gloria Lopez of colombian descent and helped raised by his foster parents Geraldine & Matthew Warren , Blanco began his career in the spot light by helping promote and throwing parties with Chub Ent owned by a local dj , DJ Star . Eventually working hard with his team to branch off and start FlyBoiiz Ent in 2001 to start throwing and promoting their own parties 
since then he was always on the scene . It really all started ever since a little kid since 1st grade singing in chorus and participating in school talent shows . After the transition from jhs to hs Blanco's voice changed due to going through puberty and couldnt sing like before but always continued to write music , poems and eventually converting them into raps ever since Blanco fell in love with the era of Hip Hop in New York City . Blanco went on to do plenty of open mics , but in 2011 dropped his mixtape " Blancolombia " hosted by dj lazy K available on & . Blanco working to stay consistent did many open mics , show performances and gained a good buzz , recieved support locally & internationally in the streets and online via internet . In 2013 Blanco announced he would be dropping his EP Family Ties hosted by Anibal Lectr in 2014 , now available on .