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Jul 22, 2015

  • Born in Orange County, raised throughout the Greater Los Angeles county, and settling down with his mother in the Inland Empire

    Rapping Since 11 years of age, M-16 The great, (Master of 16 Bars) is thee Long awaited response to what was missing in Hip HOP. Hailing from the rugged inner city of Fontana CA, he has been creating his success story daily. Growing up with a vast knowledge of Music and developing an intense passion for Raps soulful yet brash delivery, M16 grew up listening to his favorite rapper the Notorious B.I.G. B.I.G.'s delivery left a real powerful, impact while using charisma to entice his listeners. Much more of the same sentiment is carried on with M16, however he has proven with his early Battles and Freestyle competitions that he is leaving the competition bowing, and graveling at his feet. While in High school, his Mindset was to murder any beat, and destroy any rappers chances of being compared to him. Having no pity for his victums, he then developed a brand for himself. Creating a crew, and team, and a solid base of core fans, and heading for the industry.

    "Im not a quitter, and I cant picture life without Music" said M-16 when asked about his reason for continuing with music. With this tremendous leap of courage, M16 has had his share of tests, but overcome the odds most thought he would fail at. In 2012, he took a major chance with his career and entered into a competition for Coast to Coast Live. Not only did he make an impression, HE won the contest, and received and all expense trip paid to go perform in Miami FL, resulting in a massive response and promotion for his Mixtape at the time (Lunch Pails & Ox tails). Also the same year he attended and performed at the Juneteeth Celebration at Leimert Park in Los Angeles CA. 
    With the success of this, he soared with more fans growing and growing, releasing more music, and performing for more SXSW (South By Southwest) Concerts for up and Coming artists.

    It was 2014, in October where M-16 entered into the Widely popular contest "Who's the Hottest In the Desert?" Competition hosted by Wayout Music Group. Although he took the third place finish for the contest, The president and Owner of Wayout Music took a liking to the artists and petitioned him at the end of the show. M-16 The great has been working with the President of Wayout Music ever since.

    Recently performing at The Famous Cal State Long Beach, he plans to take his career to the next level. College shows, more videos, more songs, and more visible than ever before.