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Jul 8, 2015

In the mid-2000’s Joey Atilano was a young, up and coming rapper from Ontario, California using the stage name of 60 East. Having gotten into the Hip Hop culture and taking music seriously from the age of nine as a result of the idolising of his older brother and the group of friends his sibling surrounded himself with, the ambitious dreams of 60 East were put on hiatus momentarily after the main artist attached to his brothers label was murdered.

Dropping out of high school, Joey worked in construction as he tried desperately to make as much money as he could, simply to live off of. Soon enough, his desire and natural talent to make music became impossible to surpress. Upon a reunion with a few of his brother’s old friends, 60 East earned a bittersweet urge to jump back into the music thousands have come to love and respect, after losing his father to cancer in 2010.!/bio