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Sep 25, 2015

I've buried both my mother & my son before I’ve reache
d 30. To society I should be a statistic in the prison system living life programmed incarcerated. Or worse, dead. But threw death I have
found a purpose. “MUSIC" I Teach 2 Inspire! I started 2 years before my son was born with a passion to teach myself everything. Record, edit, write, design, act. Anyways, With my older brother being Plugged in to S.F Nightlife it opened doors for me in a totally different genre.
“HOUSE" Changed my life! Lol So I took a 16 month internship with E
ssential-nightlife @moulton studios learning the ins & outs of sounds. How a simple sound/beat can control an entire crowd. From turning them on! I love it! So long story short I'm dedicated! Turned a Hobby
to a career and we have just begun.