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Mar 8, 2020

Myq “Success” Rodriguez is a multi-media business branding expert and personal success manager.He provides full service consultation and strategic marketing which specializes in mentoring and developing business acumen for entrepreneurs of the millennial generation. 

Myq believes that knowing yourself and maintaining personal integrity is the key to successful branding. For that reason, authenticity is at the heart of his approach to building successful personal business brands. Myq has a unique ability to identify a client’s personal attributes and reflect these values within their professional objectives. Using his years of experience in the entertainment industry working alongside artists, influencers, entrepreneurs and executives, Myq has attained a reliable understanding of the wide-ranging factors that influence a client’s personal motivations and decision making. This allows him to help young entrepreneurs establish themselves, maintain brand integrity and create sustainable business relationships. Myq passionately applies his skillful perspective to help consult on securing successful business opportunities for his client’s professional interests.


Myq takes pride in his dedicated, thoughtful and honest pursuit of his client’s goals. By offering valuable guidance such as identifying resources and target markets to cultivating a support base, Myq fully integrates his experience and knowledge with the unique vision of each client to produce firm results.  


“A lot of ideas are great, a lot of execution is better”

Myq “Success” Rodriguez


Instagram - @MyqSuccess