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Sep 22, 2021

PG Brown google link to all socials:
Jamal “Perfect Gentleman” Brown aka PG Brown is a New Orleans native living and signing in North Texas. Unfortunately, like countless young black men, he grew up in a single-parent household. PG has been singing and performing a little bit of everything since he was in middle school. After a few failed attempts at college, he decided it was time to make moves. His music is a testimony to the struggles and accomplishments he endures while uncovering who he is.
In his mid-20s, PG is looking to reinvent the modern-day gentleman by making an impact on the music industry. He hopes to bring back the traditional R&B sound while keeping it fresh and relevant to today’s audience. His music is a combination of the soulful R&B that this generation misses and the upbeat sound it craves. You can find PG performing all over the DFW-Metroplex and soon to be nationwide.