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Oct 28, 2012

"NO SLEEP TIL PLATINUM!!" Is the only way to describe the man we call E.N.Y The Artist...E.N.Y The Artist is by far the most versatile, charismatic and entertaining up and coming young hip-hop artist in recent years. Born in the Jackson Heights section of Queens and Raised in the mid 90s E.N.Y The Artist witnessed first hand the evolution of hip-hop. ”I knew every word to every song on "Ready To Die" I studied that album beginning to end!” he says. Inspired by such artists as Jay-z, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G. and the late great Big Punisher E.N.Y The Artist began his journey on becoming “The Greatest” as he says. Now with his journey almost at its pinnacle state E.N.Y The Artist Is creating a new brand of hip-hop he calls “Top Down Muzik” which consists of intense and almost hypnotic rhythmic sounds mixed in with stadium ballad like choruses and a rapid yet smooth rhyme delivery. Presently E.N.Y The Artist is working on his debut project Titled "#NOSLEEPTILPLATINUM"  Hosted By The Heavy Hitter DJ Camilo (Hot 97.1 fm) E.N.Y The Artist's Debut single off that project "The Realest" feat Marka (of the Hookstarz) got raved reviews and was on rotation on many different Internet radio stations. His Follow up single "That Life" feat. H Mc. Cloud Debuted March 20th 2011 On Sirius XM Radio (Shade45) and has been generating a lot of buzz in the hip-hop industry. E.N.Y The Artist is the definition of what it means to bring something new to the table and is an all around great entertainer. From his electric performances to his Larger than life TV and Radio interviews E.N.Y The Artist brings back the element of excitement to the hip-hop industry.