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Nov 4, 2015

Crank Lucas
Rapducer | Beatgod | Engineer | Graphics


Crank Lucas was born December 31st, 1985. Upon his arrival into the world fireworks were ignited to celebrate his birth and thus began a new tradition which has now adopted the name "New Years Eve."

At the age of 5 he competed and won his first rap battle against 9 year old Trycell Proctor. No footage of the battle exist yet there is a rumor Crank won the crowd over with the bars "You got them reebok pumps but they got no air/I dont do Yo Mama jokes but she got no hair."

At the age of 11 Crank began learning to play piano which would span into him playing 17 instruments all by ear. He also knows how to sculpt, cook, build refridgerators and such, drop transmissions, perform high flying wrestling manuvers, speak 9 languages and raise tigers.

As Crank Lucas prepares to enter the music industry full-time, a feat he shunned away years ago to focus on his building construction, he brings a new sense of understanding to the game, and passion to be the best rapducer ever. This is why he is known as Beatgod.