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Nov 6, 2015

Brain Rapp's first experience began at the age of nine when he stole his older sister's copy of Outkast's Aquemini that she received for Christmas. Having seen the video for "Rosa Parks" weeks before, Brain was mesmerized by the bright lights, upbeat rhythm, and fast-paced rhymes. 

This experience set the ball rolling in terms of Brain's infatuation with hip hop. Listening to Outkast for hours at a time, he began to memorize their lyrics, repeating their words to his friends as fast as he could.  Soon Brain began writing rhymes of his own. He found the activity cathartic, as it helped him cope with living in a tumultuous household. For years Brain kept his writing to himself, seeing it primarily as a form of therapy and less as a viable career option.

It wasn't until he joined the Undergrounduates, a freestyle-cypher club at the University of Maryland, that he began to contemplate the idea of pursuing rap professionally. Performing at campus events in front of large crowds finally gave him the energy he needed to begin the difficult transition from introverted hip hop hobbyist to full-fledged artist.