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Aug 13, 2019

Imani Kairee:
After a hiatus, indie music artist Imani Kairee is back and working on a EP called “5” …
Imani Kairee whose real name is Kairee Imani, was immersed in HipHop Culture at a
young age. She is the eldest daughter of the late Indie Music Artist, DJ, Activist and Hipstep
Massive creator Tc Izlam.
She started her music career in the underground music circuit in Connecticut, a
neighboring state to New York that has a huge underground Rap following dating back to the
late 70s.
Imani Kairee always knew her destiny would be in the spotlight early on. At
the age of three, while holding a microphone in her hand, she professed that she was going to
be a “wapper”. No one knew then that she would end up fulfilling that self-proclaimed
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