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Jun 25, 2014

Trafficlight Speak about situations in his life he seems he can't put together.  

Jun 24, 2014

Jun 17, 2014

MC Wicks Aka Big Nasty Reppin That 559 Holding It Down For Cen Cal Hip Hop

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Jun 5, 2014

November 27, 1986...A Star Is Born. Strong Island, New York would bare witness to an artist who will later turn out to change the hip hop game for everyone. President of Flyy Musik Ent. and...

Jun 2, 2014

In the Summer of 2011, me and DJ Mike 40, got a chance to get a hold of Anthony Cruz "Big Papi" and had him as a guest on our show.


This show was out when he had his single out "Racks on Racks" what people thought was a Poridy, ends up a Viral track in NYC.


You will forever be missed!