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Sep 14, 2018

Drawing inspiration from Tupac’s genius and energy, Rakim’s wise and crazy flow, as well as Eminem’s humor and lyrical alchemy, Layne pours out words that paint a picture of his life and evolution through the street, intellectual, and spiritual worlds. These three versions of himself are taking shape in his current album, 3 Kings.

His message empowers people to step into the role of creator in their own lives and recognize problems as opportunities to take advantage of. He shares his own journey through heartbreak and struggle that brought him to the point of choosing to use that pain as a stepping stone instead of an anchor. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go so you can make room for something better.

When his dark and rebellious side steps up to the mic, he drops a battle track that totally obliterates any MC within earshot. Don’t worry – these come with a warning label for grandma’s sake.

Recently, Layne won a Wildbeat Rap Challenge with a track called Transcendental Flow. Judges said the lyrics and flow were clean and smooth even with the beat switching styles every eight bars. When it changed to Reggaeton, Layne went from English to spitting fire in Spanish without missing a step.